Year 2007

I have joined the Tai Wo Centre for over nine years. I was a selfish and conceited person before that. After enrolling myself on training courses and various seminars and talks offered by the Centre, and subsequently becoming a volunteer tutor, I got around to understand that it is more than my own business to be alive and to socialise with others. Rather, it takes honesty, sincerity and loving care to be human. I would like to extend my congratulations to the HKFWC for further successes on this 25th anniversary occasion; may the HKFWC see prosperity ahead bringing more joy and blessing to women as a community.

Volunteer Tutor – Chik Lai-chu

In a wink of the eye, I’ve joined HKFWC for more than five years. I’ve learnt a lot in the area of law in these past few years and have grasped an understanding of the resources and services available in society in Hong Kong which can help many women in need. I have also reflected deeply on how a couple gets along with each other and found myself enlightened so far as my pathway in life is concerned. I wish that all women would learn to value and accommodate the people and things around them and lead a more brilliant life!

Helpline Counsellor, afternoon shift – Lau Yuen-yuet

Time really flies! I have joined Tai Wo Centre for over a decade without being aware of it. Initially, I did so to kill time. Later on, I made many new friends with whom I helped opened work groups and attended lectures and interest classes. My life has since become more fulfilling. What is unforgettable, however, was that once we went on a protest outside the Central Government Offices to fight for women’s rights; and there was this other time too when we performed in a drama to celebrate Women’s Day. Only after I have joined the Centre did I get to try out all these kinds of activities, and then I come to realise actually, I’m good!

Member – Law Miu-sheung

I remember how at the beginning I became an IT Ambassador all because I had some basic computer knowledge. What I had not anticipated was the fact that it was another matter when it came to coaching women on learning to use the computer. The process of teaching others really has given me a brand new experience. Do act quickly and enrol yourself if you need to learn to use the computer. We who are the group of IT Ambassadors are waiting for you! 

IT Ambassador – Chin Lai-hung

In the past, one needed only to stay home to take care of the husband and teach the children and then she could easily past as a good wife and mother. Today, however, the society has become more complicated and everyday life is so stressful that without a full range of gears and techniques it is rather difficult for one to live without feeling uneasy in this rapidly changing city. In recent years, environmental issues have become serious concerns. The activities organised by the HKFWC not only take care of our physical and psychological health, but also lead us on to step into our community and find out where problems lie. This has enabled us to treasure our health, take care of our children, families, community and the earth.

Community Mum – Lam Lai-shan