Year 2008

I have come to live in Hong Kong since over a decade ago, and am a housewife without a single relative in Hong Kong. I have no knowledge as to the outside world and the people around me. I don’t know how to face the bad behaviours of my husband and lived everyday in the shadow of worries and fear. Fate has it that I chanced to meet Ms NG. She helped me through a most helpless and troubled time in my life. From fears and worries to living with courage, I asked my husband for a divorce and embarked on my own path in life bringing my daughter along with me. It is already difficult to be a woman; and to be a divorced woman, far more difficult…I send my heartfelt gratitude to Ms NG for the courage and power she has given me.

Counselling Service, service user / Ah-sui

I married to Hong Kong from the Mainland. How would I have imagined that I would find myself trapped in domestic violence? For the safety and future of my daughter, I have decided to divorce my husband. What a pity, however, that the long term physical abuse has resulted in delayed effects on my health: I have fainted many times on the street; I could not work, and am suffering under the pressure of poverty and sickness, ending up living on the street. Luckily, as I came visit the Women’s Centre, I was warmly received by the staff here who listened to me with care and patience, and quickly referred me for suitable services so that my daughter and I got to have a place to live. Currently, I have begun rebuilding my life. I feel safe and warm in the Centre. Apart from the social workers, there is also the group of women volunteers offering each other peer support and interdependence, and they are exactly the resource and driving force to help me face this path of being a single parent and heal from past wounds.

Counselling Service, service user / Ah-fong

I have lived in domestic violence ever since I was small. I really don’t know what to do when faced with adversity and stress. The ladies working on the counselling helpline have been patient listening to me when I needed to talk about my worries. They cared for me and spent time looking for solutions to help improve my situation. I simply would not run away when encountering danger. I stayed home as if I was stuck in the Roman Arena in a “fight with the lion”, and for that I had been seriously beaten and had bruises all over me. Besides, I dared not tell my friends, being afraid that my friends would not accept me and would reject me. Luckily, the workers on the Helpline have never given up on me over the years, and they persist for me. I think I could not have lived up till today without this Helpline.

Women’s Helpline, service user / Ms Chan

I used to love having meat dishes, salty and strong flavoured food items, and in big portions too. Since having become a patient suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes, I have begun to pay attention to my health and so sometimes I would buy some organic vegetables when doing grocery on the street. I have started to come to purchase organic vegetables at the Centre having learnt of its Community Supported Agriculture service. I know the Women Centre relatively better, and I can tell the source of the organic vegetables on sale there so I could be more relaxed cooking up the vegetables to eat! The prices of organic product, however, are relatively expensive and would add to the household expenses; it is difficult to afford or else I will serve myself organic vegetables everyday.

Collective Purchase, service user / Wong Sau-kuen

I am an IT Ambassador Ah Kiu. My name sounded unfamiliar, right? But we might have met long ago! I have been an IT ambassador for almost two years now, and all along I serve as the instructor for the “ChangJie Input Method course”. Come to think of it, I was brave enough to take the first step all because the staff at the Centre gave me confidence and encouragement.

I would always drive myself on since having become an instructor in order to update my IT knowledge. During the process of teaching, the biggest gain I have is the joy I feel inside me when I witness how the students are doing from someone who knows nothing about Chinese word processing to being able to type out sentence by sentence.

IT Ambassador / Lam Ngan-kiu