Year 2009

I have used the counselling service for one and a half years now. I approached the Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres for this service because I had no place to live and was in financial difficulties. I had looked for many places for assistance but all in vain. My friends introduced to me the HKFWC. The staff there listened to my stories and alleviated my worries. I felt the warmth and the care. They provided me with timely and appropriate services so that I do not feel lonely and helpless. In the HKFWC, I have the support, encouragement and a sense of belonging.

Counselling service user / Ms Chu

Time flies and I have been a Community Mums for some time. The most memorable moment was the days as a Community Tour Guide. As I provided guided tours, I also recalled the good old days when I was a child. Tai Po has undergone great changes: Tolo Harbour is becoming smaller and smaller, and the typhoon shelter outside Kwong Fuk Estate has disappeared. It is heart-rending to think about all these changes. Being a Community Tour Guide allows me pass these stories to the next generation and do something for the environment.

Community Mum / Yun-chu

I have been a Reception Ambassador and Volunteer Tutor for nine years and I have learned a lot!

My work experience allows me to handle the work as a Reception Ambassador with ease. But I am quite stressed as a Volunteer Tutor. Those who attended the yoga class came with an expectation. I enjoy much satisfaction if the health of the women attended the class has improved and if become closer friends.

Thank you, the Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centre, for your encouragement and giving me chances to show my talent!

Volunteer Tutor / Mei-lin

It has been eight years since I first joined the Committee of the Retraining Course Alumni Association. Over the years, I changed from someone who knew very little about the work of the Association to an active participant of it. I took part in press conferences, designing the notice board of the Association, exhibitions, etc. I am grateful to all the Committee members who gave me lots of encouragement. I am also grateful to the staff members of the Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres who gave me chances to explore and try out my ideas. This approach allowed members of the Committee to become more confident, as well as to be.more responsible for their work. I hope that many more retraining course graduates will join the Committee and take it to a higher level.

Committee Member of the Retraining Course Alumni Association / Wai-hing

By chance, I saw the promotion of a sexual education class. I’m interested in it, particularly because there are very few classes like this, and I therefore enrolled in the class and later became a Peer Health Ambassador.

I was not active in the beginning. As I had more free time, I became more active in the activities of the group. I learned the skills to collaborate with other group members, be more tolerant, gain satisfaction through participation and be ready to adjust to any changing circumstance. In addition, I became more courageous as I needed to promote sexual health. I think that being a Peer Health Ambassador is a rare opportunity and an unexpected and rewarding experience.

Peer Health Ambassador / Yim-ling