Donation in-kind

Since our inaugural, we have been dedicated to providing diversified counselling, education and development services to women. The HKFWC also encourages women to develop the self and be actively concerned about women and social issues to build up the individual’s confidence, self-reliance and independence. In addition, we are actively engaged in advocacy work and the promotion of women’s empowerment.

In lack of regular subsidy from the welfare funding of the government, the HKFWC has, in the past 29 years, been reliant on raising funds on its own and applying for sponsorship from various charity funds and organisations to support and run our services and projects. We are fortunate to have been able to enjoy the sponsorship and support from enthusiastic sectors of the community and other social organisations which helped made it possible for us to stay on course persisting in providing services catering to the needs of women.

We hope you can lend us your support and make donations to sponsor our diversified services and advocacy projects.

Only with your support can we develop and enrich our work plans in women affairs, provide needed assistance to women and advance women’s potentials in development. With your support, we can promote gender equity and social justice too!

The HKFWC shall credit and acknowledge donations in kind. We welcome donations of goods and services! Please fill in the following form and fax or mail it back to the HKFWC. Our designated staff shall contact you later.

Thank you for your kind support!

Download the donation in-kind form