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Social Policies and Women's Poverty: Women's Conference on the Policy Address

The Women's Conference on the Policy Address was organized by the Hong Kong Women's Coalition on Equal Opportunities on January 26. At the conference, policy responses were made by a number of invited guests, including Dr Chan Fung-yi from the Department of Applied Social Sciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Dr Hung Suet-lin from the Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University, and Ms Yim Bik-fun from the Alliance of Defending Grassroots Housing Rights.


Three members from the HKFWC's Community Childcare Concern Group attended the conference and delivered speeches. They criticized and felt disappointed with the Policy Address for not mentioning ways to improve childcare services. They said that the government should provide childcare allowances. The participants also shared their opinions on housing issues. In addition, two representatives from the Hong Kong Homemakers' Alliance expressed their views on the lack of retirement protection for housewives and their worries about their life in old age. They criticized the Policy Address for failing to respond to the needs of grassroots women, since it passes the issue of universal retirement protection, which it claims to be controversial, to the Commission on Poverty for discussion. The Women's Conference also featured discussions on a great variety of other issues, such as community economy, lack of protection for part-time workers, and problems faced by newly-arrived women and sex workers. All participants said they benefited a lot during the process.