HKFWC in Media

Our communication channels are very limited, so we are very thankful to our media friends for their concern of women issues. They have been voicing women’s opinions via different channels so that issues such as women policies, community construction, women-friendliness and environmental protection can draw the attention of the public. This session aims to list out all media reports related to us. If you have any questions on copyright, please contact us.

Media Inquiry: If you have any inquiries about our work, services, or issues that we concern, please feel free to contact us at 2153 3153 or email us at


【環保花】恒生銀行升級再造獲贈花籃 將賓客心意傳遞至社區 3.8婦女節都可以收花 (Chinese Only)

早前恒生銀行慶祝成立90周年,並於銀行總行舉行大型慶祝酒會,各界亦送贈不少花籃,不過這些花籃在慶祝過後又該如何處置呢?恒生今年特意回收並循環再造,為花籃賦予新意義,亦將賓客的心思心意傳遞至社區。恒生銀行執行董事兼行政總裁施穎茵與一眾員工在慶祝酒會圓滿舉行後,參與「Ever Growing」花藝工作坊,在花藝師指導下將鮮花升級再造,重新包裝成獨一無二的小花束。


適逢3.8婦女節前夕,恒生義工隊分別走訪香港婦女中心協會(慧思薈─上水)及東華三院方樹泉長者地區中心,探望基層家庭婦女及長者,並送上精緻的小花束、小盆栽、 親手填寫的心意卡及食品,與社區一同分享恒生90周年行慶的喜悅,為他們送上誠摯祝福。