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Press Conference on the HKFWC's Women's Helpline 2024

The Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres ("HKFWC"), founded in 1981, is a non-partisan and non-religious women's organization committed to addressing the living conditions of grassroots women and promoting gender equality while advocating for women's rights. Since May 1981, HKFWC has...

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International Women's Day 2024|Release of survey findings on "Women's Quality of Life and Public's Attitude toward Gender Equality in Hong Kong"

In commemoration of International Women's Day, an online survey focusing on women's quality of life and public attitudes toward gender equality in Hong Kong was conducted by Professor Celia Hoi Yan Chan and her team from the University of Hong Kong's Department of Social Work and Social...

Budget Response

HKFWC's Response to Budget 2024-25

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Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres and Zonta Club of Kowloon co-organised a Parallel Event at the NGO CSW67 Forum

The 67th Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) was held in New York from 6 to 17 March 2023. The CSW Forum is a platform for NGOs, civil society organizations, and various individuals concerned with gender equality, women's and girls' rights, and empowerment for...


International Women's Day 2023|30th Anniversary of Free Legal Advice Clinic cum Roundtable

We have always been concerned about the living conditions of grassroots women and are committed to promoting gender equality and fighting for women's rights. Since 1992, we have launched the "Free Legal Advice Clinic", the first service in Hong Kong specifically targeted women in marital issues and...

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HKFWC's Response to Budget 2023-24

The Budget was released on February 22, 2023, which is also the first Budget after Hong Kong got rid of the disturbance caused by the epidemic, is an important direction for the current-term Government on how to promote Hong Kong's recovery from the trough. We welcome the Government's earmarking of...


Service Survey on "WU WU CHENG" Community Mutual Support Initiative

In light of the soaring fifth wave of COVID-19, ten funders jointly initiate the second phase of the "WU WU CHENG" Community Mutual Support Initiative, which aims to alleviate the immediate needs of grassroots families and small businesses as well as stimulate the local consumption by the...


WCOEO|Survey on Women's Experiences of Violence in Hong Kong 2021 Press Conference

Hong Kong Women's Coalition on Equal Opportunities, Zonta Club of Kowloon, Department of Sociology and Social Policy of Lingnan University (the initiating organizations) launched a study on women's experiences of violence last year, with a quantitative and qualitative study conducted by Professor...


Job Guarantee for Local Workers

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HKFWC's Response to Budget 2022-23

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International Women's Day 2021: Divorce Situation under Pandemic

Since 1981 the Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres has focused on the rights and interests of women at the grassroots level and is concerned with protecting women's legal rights and their living conditions. With the pandemic lasting for more than a year, we noticed that the pandemic had a...


Care for Carers|Support Child Carer in COVID-19 Pandemic

Care for Carer|Support to Child CarerThe "Care for Carers" Support to Child Carers Focus Group (the Focus Group) expresses concerns over the government's latest territory-wide suspension of face-to-face classes for kindergarten and junior primary students in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic...


"Always Be Yourself" Concept Store is Established – Pathway of women entrepreneurs: From knowing themselves to connect with their products

Based on the statistics in 2020 from the Census and Statistics Department, the female labour force participation rate (LFPR) is lower than that of the male - average female LFPR is 54%, while average male LFPR is 65.6%. Nowadays, many women's freedoms in choosing an occupation and developing in...


Mother's Day Campaign 2020

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International Women's Day 2020: Women Voice under Epidemic

International Women’s Day 2020: Women Voice under EpidemicHong Kong Federation of Women's Centres (HKFWC), since its founding in 1981, has tirelessly committed to promoting women's rights at the grass-roots level. Given the COVID-19 epidemic prevalence, HKFWC has launched a survey to...


HKFWC's Response to Budget 2020-21

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The Colour of Divorcees' Lives|Art Exhibition of Divorcees

The HKFWC has been promoting attention to women’s plight in our society and demanding the government to offer pertinent services. To let the public know more about the stories behind divorced women, the HKFWC has launched an art exhibition called “The Color of Divorcees' Lives" on the...

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Mother's Day Campaign 2019

The HKWFC, Tin Shui Wai Community Development Network, and Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service Care centre have always been addressing the predicaments of children carers. We hope to reduce the limitation brought by traditional gender stereotype, fight for their rights, and support their basic needs...


International Women's Day 2019 - Child Carers' Support

Since 2011, the HKWFC has launched different women campaigns on the International Women's Day to voice our demands and fight for gender equality to society and the government. This year, we have organized a "childcarer" event with over 100 women and children on the East Wing Forecourt of the...

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HKFWC's Responses to Budget 2019-20

2019-20 Budget was just released this morning (27th February 2019). The HKFWC is disappointed in the lack of support for carers in the public in terms of the allocation of public finances. Besides, we deem that the childcare service still has room for improvement. More specific service is...