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Democratic Fighter, Defending Women's Rights: In Condolence of the Death of Elsie Hume

Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres is deeply saddened by the death of Elsie Hume, former member of the Legislative Council and Unban Council of Hong Kong.


Ms Hume had great contribution to the development of Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres.  We opened the first telephone line solely targeting women to address public inquiries on sexual violence and marital problems in May 1981.  At that time, we had no service centre to develop this service.  It was Ms Hume who allowed our volunteers to operate the telephone service in a back room of her office in Ho Man Tin.  As of today, the Women's Helpline receives more than 4,000 calls every year by more than 60 trained volunteers, many of whom have walked the same path as the Helpline's callers, to offer emotional support, respond to inquiries on marriage issues and provide referrals to social services to women in need.  Ms Hume had great contribution to the development of our Women's Helpline in its early years as well as her support to women's rights.


Ms Hume had spent her entire life in defending the rights of the grassroots and women's rights.  She said no to corruption and injustice and had great contribution to Hong Kong's society, democratic development and the well-being of women.  Her passing away is a loss for Hong Kong. Her legacy will be the motivation for us to continue promote the advancement of women's rights in future and make Hong Kong a better place.

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