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Oral Statement to the LegCo Panel on Education on Moral & National Education

Strong relationship between "Moral and National Education" and women because:

  • Women concern what their children learned at school;
  • HKFWC promotes social justice and provides training to women to develop critical thinking. Hence HKFWC has been conducting "moral education" to women.


Problems of the Consultation document:

Only describes the "positive" side, but neglect the entire "negative" side of China's development. For example:

  • Stresses only the economic and technological success of China without mentioning negative issues brought by poor planning e.g. widening income gap, pollution;
  • Requires students to express sympathy to victims of natural disasters without directing them to think why man-made disasters have magnified natural disasters, for example, "tofu dregs" construction;
  • Requires students to see the political system (the National People Congress of PRC and the CPPCC) as diversify and inclusive without mentioning the harassment, arbitrary detentions, crackdowns, house arrests, enforced disappearance and imprisonment of human rights defenders;
  • Requires students to understand how the country has managed the development of natural resources, but doesn't mention the damage to the environment because of over-development.


The curriculum in fact advocates cultural relativism as students should have "positive attitudes" towards China, including appreciation, tolerance, participation, with sense of belonging, and be patriotic; but human rights should not be universally applied on China.


We belief that we should focus more on "civil education" instead of "national education". If a country respects their citizens, the senses of belonging will develop naturally.

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