Care Neighbourhood Network (CNN) - The All-in-One Carer Support Platform

There are many unpaid carers in the community who take care of the sick, the elderly and the young 24 hours a day, with no respite space. Due to the lack of support, the lack of rest, the gradual deterioration of their health, and the lack of social activities for a long time also makes them lonely and even hidden in the community. Coupled with the epidemic that began in late 2019, the lives of caregivers have been greatly affected. In order to actively support the needs of carers, a three-year community collaboration project "Care Neighbourhood Network (CNN) - The All-in-One Carer Support Platform" - a one-stop collaboration platform for all-round support for carers, is supported by the Community Investment and Inclusive Fund to create a supportive network for carers.


The project is adopting a model of "collective impact" to create a multi-support neighbourhood network to support the needs of carers in Tai Po. We are the "backbone organisation" to gather various stakeholders and make good use of the established ground works to apply the concept of "Carer Passport". The carers, who have the carer passport, are able to participate in different carer-related activities as well as respite service in the Tai Po, aims at to step-by-step raise the capabilities of core volunteers and stakeholder in form of self-help. We hope to develop an All-in-One Carer Support Platform, eventually, to respond to the needs of carers in the district. 


It is a collaborative and effective platform for joint action can be formed in Tai Po District to jointly build social capital on community issues. The project aims to meet the needs of carers in the community, and will work with various cross-sector stakeholders on the platform to establish different carer support projects, leverage community collaboration, and build social capital. After the establishment of this "joint collaboration model", after three years of operation, there will be a solid cross-sectoral network in Tai Po District. This network can continue to operate, and the same working model can be applied to respond to the needs of different communities, so as to fully build and enhance the community ability.


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