Guarding Angels: Cross-sectoral Support Network for Child Carers

The project adopts "Community-Government-Business-Medical" cross-sectoral collaboration model, to develop "gathering spots" for community child-carers, which provide a platform to build up cohesion of child-carers and their children in the community. The project also aim at exploring women's talents, establish a platform to transform their role as volunteers to assist community child-carers releasing stress and contribute to children’s positive development. The establishment of "child-carers mutual support groups" could contribute to enhance community solidarity.


Programmes include

  • Train women to be "Community Mama": Develop volunteer network to assist the operation of "Community Kitchen" and "Goddess café", build up child-carers gathering spots in the community to facilitate community mutual help relationship
  • Develop "Bobo matching scheme": Pair up "Community Mama" with community child-carers, by providing them both "child care support" and "homework tutorial", to develop community mutual help relationship
  • Organize Mutual support groups and Mutual support network: Consolidate child-carers to build up mutual support relationship, and empower participants as peer volunteers, concerning child-carers' situations and their needs in the community
  • Visiting local shops: promote social capital concept and encourage shops to offer discount to community child carers, so to create caring atmosphere in the community
  • Establish "Fanling Child-carers Cross-sectoral AdvisoryCommittee": Establish "Community-Government- Business-Medical" collaboration, co-conduct programs such as "Child-care Health Station Village", "Holistic Health Training Workshop", "Teaching-in-playing: Expressive Art Parenting Workshop" and "Mama on Leaves", in order to support child-carers' needs


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