Jockey Club "All Brilliant Carers" Project

No one is born to be a carer. A lot of carers have to give up on their full-time jobs to take care of their families and make many medical decisions, which cause tremendous mental and financial stress. Meanwhile, carers lack the social space to learn about or utilize social resources. However, we believe that the experience of long-term care will be a highlight on the resumes for the carers seeking to return to the workforce. Their experience is a treasure of wisdom and knowledge and a strong back-up for their peers. Care work should be an option, not an obligation. And neither should carers disconnect themselves from society because of their duty of care.


Thanks to the sponsorship of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the HKFWC launched a three-year "All Brilliant Carers" Project to provide carers with career planning services and help them start a new chapter in life. We are grateful that the HKFWC is sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust to extend the service to the North and Hong Kong. The service will promote carers' recognition and their strength development in the following ways:


"All Brilliant Carers" Training Scheme

  • Enhancing their daily nursing and local knowledge to a professional level
  • Helping bring their extensive experience to the workforce
  • Teaching them to become "trainers" in the community to take care of new carers


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"Well-being Coordinator" People-oriented Care Training

Drawing reference to the Certified Care Workers in Japan, the scheme transforms the Experienced Carers to Well-being Coordinator (WBC)

  • To provides a higher level of recognition to community carers by taking a certified training course
  • To alleviate the long-standing problem of human resources shortage in the care industries.
  • To motivate existing residential care homes and day care service units for the elderly persons and persons with disabilities to improve their quality
  • To develop "Carer-friendly Employment" in different industries


"All Brilliant Carers" APP

The project develops an APP for carers to provide individual carers support resource. It will upgrade to provide more scalable support on community level, included carer friendly job posting, carer friendly jetso / coupon, VASK adoption, etc.


Career planning

Through CV360, a brand new resume concept, we help carers explore their specialities, interests, and transform their life goals.


"Care Angel" volunteer training scheme

We seek carers that need help in the neighbourhood, build up a mutual assistance network for the peers, and foster the cohesion of carer groups.


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