A New Page in Life: To Develop a Sustainable Mutual Help Network for New Arrival Women and Single Mothers

Single mothers and women who have just migrated to Hong Kong from the mainland can struggle to adapt to their new lives and are often faced with a lack of community support and social services. As a result, many are faced with poverty due to difficulties obtaining employment and suffering from low self-esteem.To address these issues, we launched the three-year project in Sham Shui Po: A New Page in Life: To Develop a Sustainable Mutual Help Network for New Arrival Women and Single Mothers thanks to support from the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund.


The project brings women to participate in various support activities in Sham Shui Po. It aims to strengthen community ties between single mothers and new arrivals to Hong Kong by building networks between women of disparate backgrounds, as well as fostering an overall spirit of support to others and oneself. In addition, the project aims to engender a cooperative platform supported by entities across various sectors and professions to provide employment assistance to members of the network. By accumulating a greater amount of social capital, the project will support the sustainable development of women and their families.


Profound PIE support group

The Profound PIE support group was formed around the concept of "Peer", "Interaction", and "Employment". The support group conducts a number of activities including regular teatime sharing sessions, physical activities to help decompress, creating a childcare network, job training, and sharing recruitment information.


Peer: It provides peer support and help create networks between single women and those who have newly migrated from the mainland.

Interaction: It promotes interaction between women and disparate community through activities.

Employment: It supports women's employment by collaborating with entities across a number of sectors.


This project ended


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Events & Programmes

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Mother's Day 2018

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Mother's Day Campaign 2017

One week before Mother's Day in 2017, the HKFWC has held a kite flying campaign with over 45 families (100 participants) in the Clear Water Bay Country Park. The aim is to bring out that women want to use their time with more freedom, have more liberty in the division of labor in the family, and...