Cherish Food

Uneven distribution of resources and waste are a leading cause of poverty. We launched the Cherish Food programme in November 2011 with a core belief that women are able to become a strong force for the sharing of resources in the community by building their skills and wisdom. In doing so, they can help relieve the burden that uneven distribution of resources and waste places on their communities. We have been delighted to receive funding from the Hong Kong Community Chest in December 2015 to support Phase II of the project. With this support, we are able to expand our services and contribute to produce collection, the local economy, and communal gatherings.


Food Collected

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Cherish Food Network

We will regularly train the volunteers to become "Cherish Food Ambassador" and will collect fruits, vegetables and bread in wet markets on weekdays. We will also organise Cherish Food Tours for the...


Food Upcycling Network

Make good use of women's knowledge of foodstuffs, food tastes and familiarity with cooking techniques, and turn the "leftovers" of the harvest into "savory" foods. Organize different types of Food...


Community Economic Network

It hopes to bring together women's life wisdom, skills and experience to enable women to practice economic autonomy by developing different community economic activities, developing a...


Food Donation

We are welcome you to donate food to us and share your love to more people in needs.


Food Reuse Soap

Cherish Food aims at promoting the food up-cycling in community, raising the public attention on the food waste issue. Food Reuse Soaps are the products of Cherish Food which are using leftover food...