Women Entrepreneurship

We firmly believe that every woman has unique abilities, and earn pocket money by her own interests, skills, and abilities.


We believe 'entrepreneurship' has been restricted by the rigid gender role of homemakers in many women's imagination. In addition, society tends to support young entrepreneurs rather than women entrepreneurs, always making women entrepreneurship to be seen as a dream.


Many of you would have pictured, to rent a miniature department store, start a boutique store, to be an owner, have the power to scheme and administer, but did not know where to begin. Day after day, your dream still could not be achieved.


It is a recent trend to choose not to have a physical store, and instead establish an online store to sell your own products, such as IG SHOP and FACEBOOK. Many women have curiosities towards this type of micro-entrepreneurship which requires much cheaper rent cost. We strongly believe that every woman has the unique ability, to utilise interests, crafts, skills and such to earn pocket money for themselves.


Our 'Women Entrepreneurship' project, helps the participants to acknowledge the market value of their skills and handmade products, besides teaching about ingredients resourcing, basic food legislations, retailing channels, food safety, central kitchen's basic operating rules, accounting knowledge and tax reporting methods for small businesses and more...


Thanks to the enthusiastic support of Chow Tai Fook Charity Fund, making it possible for our sisters to achieve their dreams, and selling their works in physical stores! More than 15 entrepreneur sisters' independent hand-made brands showcased together in Wong Tai Sin, wants to know each sister's story behinds starting a business? Welcome to visit the pop-up store 'Always Be Yourself' of the entrepreneur sisters, come to have a chat with them, and you are more than welcome to try the food too ~


Location: Shop 6C, Cheung Ying Lane, Wong Tai Sin

Opening Time: 11 am to 7 pm

Opening Date: August 2020 to October 2020


Should there be any inquiry, please call 2386 6256 to contact us!