Gender Education

Most people are assigned their biological sex as male or female. Even to this day, women's role in society is still highly bound by traditional values and community culture. We believe that education can reduce bias, establish respectful relationships between different genders and eventually elevate people's awareness of gender and social justice.


Nourishing Women & Deepening Gender Perspective Project (Phase 2)

Nature is a good cradle for us to feel the present moment and to be aware of the gender culture constructed by society. By repairing our relationship with nature, we also use our experience to repair...


Gender Magnifying Glass

Gender can be very life-like and everyday. "Gender Magnifying Glass" allows everyone to observe and reflect on gender through daily life. We share with women and discuss issues from a gender...


Nourishing Women & Deepening Gender Perspective Project (Phase 1)

Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres (HKFWC), since 1981, has tirelessly committed to improving the lives of women at the grassroots level and promoting gender equality. Many of our core members...


Beyond the Unconscious Bias - Gender Awareness Project

Gender discrimination is often based on a traditional imagination of gender. Many times, the toughest and behaviours with gender discrimination are unconscious and unintentional. Perhaps it is based...