Social Participation

Women are part of the society, have the right and ability to participate in the public affairs to promote the social change. We believe women have their role to make the contribution in the society. At the same time, women could voice out their opinions to affect social development. We encourage and support women’s active participation in social life in order to reflect and promote gender equality.

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Hong Kong Good Harvest

One of the pain points in the development of local agriculture is the lack of a local sales network. Supermarkets charge expensive shelf fees, and if the fresh fruits and vegetables are spoiled,...

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Sustainable Food Lab

These will be achieved through a series of in-depth and inter-connected activities with different stakeholders such as schools, farms, and local NGOs, which allow students, women, and the general...


Food for Love

In the face of the fifth wave of the pandemic, the number of confirmed cases has increased sharply, which has greatly affected many grassroots families. The economic shutdown has caused many daily...

Community Coupon

"WU WU CHENG" Community Mutual Support Initiative

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us a lot. A large number of grassroots families are facing unemployment, small businesses are also facing difficulties. The "WU WU CHENG" Community Mutual Support...


Cherish Food

Uneven distribution of resources and waste are a leading cause of poverty. We launched the Cherish Food programme in November 2011 with a core belief that women are able to become a strong force for...


GO Volunteer Tai Po

In order to promote community participation in waste reduction and recycling, we cooperated with the Environmental Protection Department to launch the "GO Volunteer" in Tai Po District in 2021,...

women capacity

Visualizing Women's Talent

Most women are in a disadvantaged position in terms of economic autonomy and social recognition, because they shoulder the responsibilities of taking care of themselves in traditional culture, so...