Cherish Food

Uneven distribution of resources and waste are a leading cause of poverty. We launched the Cherish Food programme in November 2011 with a core belief that women are able to become a strong force for the sharing of resources in the community by building their skills and wisdom. In doing so, they can help relieve the burden that uneven distribution of resources and waste places on their communities. We have been delighted to receive funding from the Environment and Conservation Fund in March 2021 to continue the project of food collection and distribution. With this support, we are able to expand our services and contribute to produce collection, the local economy, and communal gatherings.


Cherish Food Network

We will regularly train the volunteers to become "Cherish Food Ambassador" and will collect fruits, vegetables and bread in wet markets on weekdays. We will also organise Cherish Food Tours for the organisations and corporate to experience the services and promote the food save culture.At the same time, they will organize community lobbying team to donate leftover food, or offer discounts.


Food Collection in Wet Market

Food Collection is an important part of our culture of promoting food upcycling. We will collect the remaining fruits, vegetables and bread at Sham Shui Po wet markets (Pei Ho Street and Po On Road) on weekdays. We will also look for more businesses to support us, including discounts and food donations.

  • There are already over 90 stall vendors involved in donating leftover food for grass-roots families
  • We also collect dried foods such as cookies, canned food and white rice


Enquiry|Jockey Club Lai Kok Centre

2386 6256

305-309, Lai Lan House, Lai Kok Estate, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon


Cherish Food Guided Tour

Food waste issue is serious in Hong Kong. In order to let people too much understand the situation of food waste in Hong Kong, we offer Cherish Food Guided Tour for the participants to experience the food recycling and promote a sustainable lifestyle.



  • To understand the project aims
  • To experience the food recycling work in the wet market
  • To filter the food that collected
  • To distribute to the service users


Time: 5:30PM - 9:00PM

Max to serve 9 participants in one tour


Charity Organisation and school: HK$1,500

Corporate: HK$3,000


We will offer a briefing session to the participants in order to reflect the food waste issue in Hong Kong.


We are welcome schools, organisations, and corporates to join our guided tour.

Please contact our Fundraising Department at 2153 3153 or email to, if you have any interest.



Events & Programmes

women market

Women Entrepreneurship : Christmas Handmade Product Market

Over studying a year, our women students from the entrepreneurship course of Cherish Food Programme are ready to share their products! "Women Entrepreneurship: Christmas Handmade Product Market' will be organized at 21 and 22 December 2019 (Sat & Sun), from 1 pm to 9 pm under Mei Foo footbridge...


Women Market 2019

"Women's Market" - Women outside the kitchen | Entrepreneurship Women | Handmade Food Market was held in Mei Foo on 21 September. The women's products were very popular on that day! Thank you for supporting women's entrepreneurship with action, as well as giving them motivation and confidence. We...


Women's Market 2018

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