ExCEL3: When She Shines

Every woman has a spark of imagination inside her. The key is giving her ample freedom to visualise and dream so that spark can shine and brighten her life.


We designed When She Shines, a joint performance campaign, together with the Hong Kong Women's Coalition on Equal Opportunities with this in mind. When She Shines began with a drama workshop where women let their creativity run wild as they drafted skits and plays based on their experiences. These thrilling dramas were then performed by their authors to members of the community to raise awareness of what situations face women who are caregivers.


This project had ended


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Family Caregivers: the Best Supporting Actress

“Who Gets Me?” told the stories of a number of caregivers and the issues that face them, such as handling children with learning disabilities, sour relations with a mother-in-law, and marital difficulties. The play relayed how families can overcome their troubles through of...

When She Shines workshop

Eleven women joined our workshops, where they studied acting and how to convey their deep emotions and hardships through posture and body expression. They also studied what goes into writing a play -- and penned some themselves. After the workshops, they created a new play “Who Gets...