Food for Love

In the face of the fifth wave of the pandemic, the number of confirmed cases has increased sharply, which has greatly affected many grassroots families. The economic shutdown has caused many daily necessities, fresh vegetables and meat prices to rise a lot, making them unaffordable. Community support is urgently needed. We have once again received funding from the Swire Charities Trust to launch the "Food for Love" project from April 2022 to support single parents, carers and elderly who are struggling to go shopping during the epidemic.


The project links up small shops in the community to provide families in need with affordable and high-quality food packs every week, which contain fresh ingredients, including meat, vegetables, sauces and ingredients, which have been washed and assembled properly, so that they can get nutritious food with peace of mind It also reduces the economic burden of grass-roots families and reduces the risk of infection for them to travel to and from crowded places.


In addition, we also organize women's volunteer teams to deliver food packages every week to families who are inconvenient to go out to collect supplies, so that they can also receive food assistance. Women participating in the Women's Volunteer Team also receive volunteer grants so that they can have a little income even during the epidemic.


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