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In order to promote community participation in waste reduction and recycling, we cooperated with the Environmental Protection Department to launch the "GO Volunteer" in Tai Po District in 2021, recruiting women who are interested in understanding and practicing waste reduction and recycling to become volunteers to promote clean recycling, so that green living takes root in the community.


The project plans to recruit 60 core volunteers in Tai Po, and conduct volunteer training with the EPD. Each volunteer needs to receive at least 4 hours of training (including the concept of clean recycling, the correct method of clean recycling, the operation details of recycling street stations, planning the role of volunteers, and providing volunteer services). After completing the training, core volunteers will help to organize estate volunteer teams in different public housing estates in Tai Po. They will hold street station and community exhibitions at fixed points every month to show residents the methods and methods of clean recycling. Encourage residents to develop a good habit of "Clean Recycling" through the "Rewards Scheme".
In addition, the plan will gradually create an atmosphere of "Clean Recycling" in the district through intensive monthly street stations and community tours. Residents have fully grasped and understood the methods and approaches of "clean recycling".
The government promotes the "Clean Recycling" campaign in various ways, including adding mobile applications, setting up recycling facilities in different communities, and vigorously promoting community education. The purpose of the cooperation between the Environmental Protection Department and this association is to further expand and deepen the work and effectiveness of community education through the association's regional network in Tai Po District and its previous experience in promoting sustainable development, so as to achieve the goal of changing customs and practices. Make Tai Po District a progressive community.


Green Fair Volunteer Community Roving Education Fair

Although physical activities are still limited under the epidemic, we still put our efforts into promoting community waste reduction and recycling and held the first online Green Fair Volunteer Community Tour Education Exhibition on July 31, 2021. A number of online activities and live streaming were held at the same time, including the live streaming event Green Fair Volunteer Program Know More, Online Upcycling Exhibition, Online Paper, and Vine Basket Workshop and Online Leather Workshop, which allowed the public to learn different knowledge of upcycling while staying at home. Hoping that through the activities, green living could take root in the community.


Learn More:綠展義工—大埔 GO Volunteer—Tai Po


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