"Upcycling Tai Po" Project

Upcycling Tai Po Project, which connected women with business circles, was HKFWC's first cross-sectoral collaboration with the Business Environment Council. Supported by the Sustainable Development Fund, the project repurposed and reused household waste, making it into home decor, pet supplies, and other useful products. It also promoted upcycling in the community and encouraged people to practice a sustainable lifestyle.


The project began in December 2013 and had a duration of 18 months, ending successfully in June, 2014. Its results are truly encouraging, with participants reaching members of the community more than 85,200 times.


During the project, we organised more than 100 workshops, seminars, exhibitions, trainings, and gatherings. The Community Mamas successfully developed more than 30 types of upcycled products for the project, including environmentally-friendly cleansers, hair accessories, pet clothes, and mobile phone cases. The Community Mamas plan to continue developing new products after the project's completion and promoting upcycling, with view to implement sustainable lifestyle models into the community and their daily lives.


We built out long-term collaborations with partners in many sectors via the upcycling project, including charities, schools, and businesses. We also succeeded in attracting cooperation of Sealed Air, a multinational company, in a large-scale environmental protection project to continue building on the concept of sustainable development.


This project had ended


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