Visualizing Women's Talent

Most women are in a disadvantaged position in terms of economic autonomy and social recognition, because they shoulder the responsibilities of taking care of themselves in traditional culture, so they often lack opportunities to develop and show themselves. Under the epidemic, it is precisely because of the vulnerable situation, the lack of personal resources and sufficient social support to deal with it, which has caused a double blow. The implicit and explicit cultural oppression in the patriarchal culture has long targeted women, which makes women unable to reverse the predicament they face. At the same time, in the face of the negative label of women's ability in society, women are losing their autonomy and dignity. survive in society. Therefore, it is particularly important for society to recognize women's abilities and provide opportunities for adequate development. In order to provide women-friendly employment opportunities and increase social recognition of women's abilities and contributions, women can regain their autonomy and choose different paths in social life with dignity.


With funding from the Women's Commission, we launched in July 2021 - "Visualizing Women's Talent” Project, to focus on the needs of women's abilities in different fields, provide them with appropriate skills demonstration activities, and inspire them The society discovers and affirms women's abilities; promotes the public's discovery and recognition of women's own abilities through the "Women Under Pandemic" Women's Life Exhibition and the "Exhibiting the Power of Women" Women's Ability Demonstration.


"Women Under Pandemic" Women's Life Exhibition

Use photos, texts or multiple ways to describe the face of women coping with adversity in life, reshape the community's impression of women, and understand their abilities and needs in a situation that is closer to their life situation. The exhibition venue is used to promote exchanges between community members and women who are concerned about women's issues, increase mutual understanding, and eliminate barriers.


"Exhibiting the Power of Women" Women's Ability Demonstration

Through a series of workshops, we will show the community how women can play their unique advantages in different environments and workplaces. At the same time, we will use our experience in cooperating with different organizations and companies to promote women's diverse possibilities in work and life.


The project has ended in March 2022


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