Jockey Club Project 'SPA' for Women's Wellness

The Jockey Club Project 'SPA' for Women's Wellness is funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, it is also our first service project launched at the Jockey Club Wah Fu Centre. The Project 'SPA' is a diversified holistic health service plan for women with a female-oriented and gender perspective.


The Jockey Club Project 'SPA' for Women's Wellness offers diversified services, aiming to:

  • Promote women's attention to physical and mental health
  • Promote women's awareness of physical and mental health
  • Strengthen women's ability to face and deal with stressful events
  • Broaden women's mutual support network


It is hoped that through three levels of activities, including level 1 - "health improvement", level 2 - "self-understanding" and level 3 -  "mutual support network", comprehensively support women's needs and improve women's holistic health.


Level 1 – Health Improvement Programs

  • Live healthier – Health Assessment

Providing free health assessments to review your mental and physical health. Social workers are able to suggest appropriate services for you.


  • "Soul Charging" Resource Corner

Free borrowing of mental health books and DVDs, sports equipment, etc., allowing you to slowly charge up at home or in the centre.


  • MeTime Space

Through hand-made artworks, film appreciation, experiential activities, etc., let you enjoy your personal space.


  • Spiritual Information Station

Special guests are invited every month to share their experience of maintaining physical and mental health. It is easy to refresh yourselves every day.


  • Take EAT Easy "Relaxing Meal"

Share the rainbow healthy vegetarian diet, teach you to cook happily, and feel good!


  • HER Café

When you are tired and want to take some rest, you are welcomed to drink a cup of tea, eat snacks, relax and draw some pictures, and connect with your current needs.


  • "Be Fit Forever" Sports Class

Senior coaches teach you how to build up your body. Let’s take action, keep fit is easy!


Level 2 – Self-understanding

  • Self-healing Training

Through relaxation methods, such as mindfulness, massage, aromatherapy, dancing, etc., you will be surprised to find that all of us have the inherent self-healing ability to restore our peace of mind.


  • Counselling Service

When life is difficult, it is inevitable for you to feel uneasy. Asking for help is normal, and social workers are happy to help you out.


  • Carer Zone

A space designed for carers to relax and let the carers care about their spiritual needs while taking care of their families.


  • Parent-child Learning College

Through easy parent-child activities, parents can master effective methods to promote parent-child relationship.


Level 3 – Mutual Support Network

  • SPA Volunteer Team

If you want to contribute to women's holistic health services, you are welcomed to join us! After participating in volunteer training with a gender perspective, we will jointly seek a common development direction for women's holistic health services. The centre also regularly arranges volunteer sharing sessions and on-the-job training to continue to support the volunteer team.


  • Mutual Support Group

When you and I have common difficulties, we can all support and encourage each other with one voice.


  • "Women Fighting" Empowerment Group

Pay attention to the issues of women's rights, and jointly build a society with gender justice. Welcome everyone to join the team of equal rights!

Events & Programmes


Carer Cafe|Wah Fu

Please refer to Chinese version


Art Exhibition on Women & Pandemic

2020 is not an easy year for everyone. The outbreak of the pandemic took everyone by surprise, causing much worry and fear of getting infected inadvertently. Mothers worry about the health of their children, carers worry about whether their family members have enough protective materials, and...


Kick-off Ceremony of Jockey Club Wah Fu Centre cum Jockey Club Project "SPA" Women's Wellness

Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, Jockey Club Wah Fu Centre, which is also our fifth service centre and our first service centre on Hong Kong Island, was opened today. It also marked the start of the Jockey Club Project "SPA" for Women's Wellness. This indicated the expansio...