Elderly Home-care

"Elderly Home-care" is committed to providing one-stop elderly care services for the elderly in Tai Po, North District and Kowloon East. Our care workers have completed a range of professional skills training courses. Having professional knowledge and being recognized in areas ranging from daily care, household cleaning, escort for out-patient visits and communication with the elderly, we can provide the elderly with the most fitting and comprehensive care.

If you have any enquiries about our services, please contact us at 3188 5285.


綜合家居服務 - 10小時套票

HK$ 1,350 / 套票


平均每小時收費 HK$135

  1. 套票須在套票生效後三個月內使用,逾期失效。
  2. 套票服務時段為星期一至星期六,上午七時至晚上七時,客戶須在最少兩個工作天前預約,方能安排服務。公眾假期時段需另待商議。
  3. 凡於公眾假期,或指定時段外提供服務,客戶需支付每小時$25 之額外津貼。
  4. 為提供適切配對,職員會事先上門進行家訪評估服務內容及時間。