Legacy Donation

Donate your legacy to Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres Limited (HKFWC). Not only can you spread the love you leave behind, you can also help our work of grassroots women's services. Regardless of the amount, all types of legacy donation are welcome. You may consider the following while drawing up your Will.


Donate Methods

  • Specific Legacy: This is a gift of a specific asset such as a piece of jewellery, property, stocks or shares
  • Pecuniary Legacy: This type of legacy is simply a gift of a specific amount, chosen when drawing up or altering your Will
  • Residuary Bequest: A final instruction in your Will which states a gift of all or part of the balance of an estate after all the other individual gifts have been made
  • Others: Specific gifts including life insurance policies, endowment funds and other valuables can also be bequeathed to HKFWC


We would be pleased to discuss with you the options for leaving a legacy to HKFWC. However, due to the potential conflict of interest, HKFWC cannot act as an advisor or executor of your Will, hence we strongly recommend you to contact a lawyer for relevant advice and to draw up your Will.


In the event that you have decided to leave a legacy to HKFWC, please contact our Fundraising Department at 2386 6256 or email to fundraising@womencentre.org.hk