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International Women's Day 2019 - Child Carers' Support

Since 2011, the HKWFC has launched different women campaigns on the International Women's Day to voice our demands and fight for gender equality to society and the government. This year, we have organized a "childcarer" event with over 100 women and children on the East Wing Forecourt of the...


Position paper to the LegCo Panel on Welfare Services on Carer's Support

Set up in 1981, the Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centers have always fought for the rights and situations of women and carers. No one is born to be a carer. Being a carer should be a choice instead of an obligation. However, in traditional society women often have to take up the role of family...

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大埔快閃感謝祭 集遊戲體驗巿集、分享會、托兒所支援照顧者需要 (Chinese Only)