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International Women's Day 2024|Release of survey findings on "Women's Quality of Life and Public's Attitude toward Gender Equality in Hong Kong"

In commemoration of International Women's Day, an online survey focusing on women's quality of life and public attitudes toward gender equality in Hong Kong was conducted by Professor Celia Hoi Yan Chan and her team from the University of Hong Kong's Department of Social Work and Social...

Budget Response

HKFWC's Response to Budget 2024-25

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Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres and Zonta Club of Kowloon co-organised a Parallel Event at the NGO CSW67 Forum

The 67th Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) was held in New York from 6 to 17 March 2023. The CSW Forum is a platform for NGOs, civil society organizations, and various individuals concerned with gender equality, women's and girls' rights, and empowerment for...


International Women's Day 2023|30th Anniversary of Free Legal Advice Clinic cum Roundtable

We have always been concerned about the living conditions of grassroots women and are committed to promoting gender equality and fighting for women's rights. Since 1992, we have launched the "Free Legal Advice Clinic", the first service in Hong Kong specifically targeted women in marital issues and...

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HKFWC's Response to Budget 2023-24

The Budget was released on February 22, 2023, which is also the first Budget after Hong Kong got rid of the disturbance caused by the epidemic, is an important direction for the current-term Government on how to promote Hong Kong's recovery from the trough. We welcome the Government's earmarking of...


Service Survey on "WU WU CHENG" Community Mutual Support Initiative

In light of the soaring fifth wave of COVID-19, ten funders jointly initiate the second phase of the "WU WU CHENG" Community Mutual Support Initiative, which aims to alleviate the immediate needs of grassroots families and small businesses as well as stimulate the local consumption by the...


HKFWC's Response to Budget 2022-23

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International Women's Day 2021: Divorce Situation under Pandemic

Since 1981 the Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres has focused on the rights and interests of women at the grassroots level and is concerned with protecting women's legal rights and their living conditions. With the pandemic lasting for more than a year, we noticed that the pandemic had a...


International Women's Day 2020: Women Voice under Epidemic

International Women’s Day 2020: Women Voice under EpidemicHong Kong Federation of Women's Centres (HKFWC), since its founding in 1981, has tirelessly committed to promoting women's rights at the grass-roots level. Given the COVID-19 epidemic prevalence, HKFWC has launched a survey to...

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The Colour of Divorcees' Lives|Art Exhibition of Divorcees

The HKFWC has been promoting attention to women’s plight in our society and demanding the government to offer pertinent services. To let the public know more about the stories behind divorced women, the HKFWC has launched an art exhibition called “The Color of Divorcees' Lives" on the...

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Mother's Day Campaign 2019

The HKWFC, Tin Shui Wai Community Development Network, and Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service Care centre have always been addressing the predicaments of children carers. We hope to reduce the limitation brought by traditional gender stereotype, fight for their rights, and support their basic needs...


Suggestions to Policy Address 2023

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CNN|Suggestions on Carer's Policy

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Suggestions to Budget 2023/24

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【HKFWC40】Growth with HKFWC - Geraldine Young

Geraldine, a member of HKFWC Executive Committee since 1992, is now the second longest serving member on the Committee. Geraldine regards her involvement in HKFWC is not just volunteering in nature, but also a continuing learning experience. Over her years of participation in HKFWC, Geraldine has...

【HKFWC40】Reclaiming life after joining the HKWFC - Vikki Yuen

When it comes to a "veteran" of the HKFWC, one must think of Vikki Yuen (affectionately known as "Chief Secretary"), Vikki joined HKFWC in 2001 as Administrative Secretary. After serving HKFWC for over 21 years, Vikki is now the Senior Finance Administrator of the organization. Being a long-time...

【HKFWC40】From Service User to Peer Counsellor and Advocate… - Portia Wong

Portia has been a volunteer with the Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres (HKFWC) for over 25 years and has grown with it. From helpline counsellor to advocacy group, Portia enjoys helping others. With this selfless spirit, who would have thought that she was once a service recipient? From a...

【HKFWC40】Creating the Vast Maps of Life - Ann Yuen

After learning about the opening of the Tai Wo Centre from a flyer, Ann joined the Hong Kong Federation of HKFWCs in 1998 as a volunteer. She has now been contributing to the community for over 25 years and last year she was awarded the Long Service Award by HKFWC. She hopes to stay healthy this...

【HKFWC40】From organizer to staff, more than 30 years of growth - Ada Leung

If one searches "Tsui Yin Club" on the internet, one will find several social organizations with this name. But it turns out that a Tsui Yin Club once existed within HKFWC for a long time. This is one of the least known aspects of our history, and the only records we have are just photographs....

Submission to the 67th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres, founded in 1981, is a non-partisan and non-religious women's organization in Hong Kong. We aim at promoting gender equality in Hong Kong through services, education and advocacy. Through our multi-service women's centres, we develop volunteer networks,...

Suggestions to Policy Address 2021

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Position Paper to the Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong on the Proposed Legislation of "Failure to Protect a Child or Vulnerable Person" Offence (Summary)

In recent years, there have been numerous cases of abuse of children, elderly and domestic helpers. However, limited by the Offence Against the Person Ordinance, no prosecutions and convictions have been taken for some cases. Therefore, the Law Reform Commission (LRC) has proposed to revise the...

Suggestions to Policy Address 2019

On 10 July 2019 the Chief Executive, Ms Carrie Lam has invited the members of the public to give their views regarding the 2020 Annual Policy Address. Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres (HKFWC) was founded in 1981. HKFWC has established the first-ever women support hotline in Hong Kong,...

Events & Programmes

329 Flag Day (Hong Kong Island)

After a long absence because of the epidemic, with the approval of the Social Welfare Department, the Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres is pleased to announce that the "Hong Kong Island Flag Day 2025" will be held on March 29, 2025 (Saturday) in Hong Kong Island. The event aims to raise funds...


Staff Development | NVC X Self-care

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2023 VRC | We Grow Together!

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Film watching "Barbie" with carers

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HKCSS Convention cum Hong Kong Social Service Expo 2023

Hong Kong Social Service Expo is held in Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Centre with the theme of "United for an Inclusive Society", organised by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. It aims to build a platform for various sectors such as business, medical, education, professional bodies,...

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HKFWC was awarded the "ERB Outstanding Awards for Course Development"

HKFWC was awarded the "ERB Outstanding Awards for Course Development", and only 6 of the 80 training institutions received this award this year. It is the fourth award in recognition of our active role in developing ERB training courses. For more information: ERB Press Release


Gender Magnifying Glass in Workplace

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Staff Development|Program Design with Gender Perspective

Incorporating a gender perspective into our services and promoting gender equality has always been the direction we adhere to. Therefore, we will conduct regular staff training, hoping to help our colleagues to have better understanding on gender analysis and services design with a gender...

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International Conference on Gender | A New Normal: Gender in Public Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned everyone's life upside down. While everyone is coping with stress, women's family roles and responsibilities as caregivers contribute to their anxiety levels and make their lives even harder. Their worries range from health to economic concerns. A moderator from the...


International Conference on Gender | Economic Empowerment with a Gender Perspective

Parallel Session - Economic Empowerment with Gender PerspectiveThis parallel session is moderated by Ms. Ng Tze Wei, Member of Service Development Subcommittee of Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres. A lawyer by profession, Ms. Ng is concerned with inclusion, equality and poverty...


International Conference on Gender | Moving Towards Gender Equality and A Sustainable Society

International Conference on Gender - Conference BookletThe conference will cover multiple areas. Through keynote speeches, parallel panels, learning groups and experiential workshops, we will illustrate the development of women's services in a diversified manner. Each event will discuss different...


Kick-off Ceremony of Jockey Club Wah Fu Centre cum Jockey Club Project "SPA" Women's Wellness

Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, Jockey Club Wah Fu Centre, which is also our fifth service centre and our first service centre on Hong Kong Island, was opened today. It also marked the start of the Jockey Club Project "SPA" for Women's Wellness. This indicated the expansio...


After School Care Christmas Party HOHOHO

It is our honored to be invited by one of the BIG FOUR accounting firms, Ernst & Young Global Limited, to celebrate Christmas with After School Care service users in Jockey Club Lai Kok Centre. Children were excited to visit the international companies and had fun with employees. Children specially...


Beijing+25 Regional Review CSO Forum

The 25-year anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BPFA) will be celebrated in 2020. It provides an opportunity for feminists across the globe to review state action and compliance in the implementation of the BPFA. It also provides an opportunity for governments and NGOs...

New Project

Annual Membership Tour 2019

Over a hundred members and we visited Madame Tussauds Hong Kong and Ani-Com Park@Harbour "FUN", and enjoy a BUFFET Lunch at Charterhouse Causeway Bay Hotel. We look forward to visiting the more exciting venue with lovely members next year!


New Territories Flag Day 2019

New Territories Flag Day 2019 was organized on 9 November (Saturday). Thank you for all kindly donation, as well as Flag Day volunteering in order to raise fund for low-income family projects and recurrent expenses of service centres. Since we are not a subverted organization by the Social Welfare...

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the 4th World Conference of Women’s Shelters

The World Conference of Women’s Shelters is the largest and most diverse global gathering on protection services and prevention of violence against women. Organized by the Global Network of Women’s Shelters and hosted by the Garden of Hope Foundation, the 4th World Conference of...

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"A Woman Is A Woman" Screening and Charity Sale

"A Woman Is A Woman" Screening "A Woman Is A Woman" is the first-ever feature film produced, managed and presented by people from the transgender community. The movie has been officially selected and won awards for screening by multiple film festivals. It is one of the ways to understand...


Social Career Volunteer Day 2018

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Autumn Tour|Long Valley

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HKFWC in Media


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Men overestimate women’s sense of safety and access to services in Hong Kong, survey finds

Men tend to overestimate women’s sense of safety and access to education and health services, a survey on gender equality in Hong Kong has found. The study, launched by the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Social Work and Social Administration and NGO Hong Kong Federation of...

Global Survey Sheds Light on Gender Equality Perceptions: Insights from 31 Countries

Wellington, 5 March 2024 - A recent global survey conducted by Ipsos, in collaboration with the Global Institute for Women's Leadership at King's College London, has unveiled varying perceptions of gender equality across 31 countries, including significant insights from New Zealand. This...

TVB News | 4 Mar 2024 | Survey on HK women's quality of life

Survey on HK women's quality of life. The HKU survey found that men often think it is easy for women to have access to social resources and opportunities, but some still experience the "glass ceiling" when they seek to further develop themselves.


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100 Couples Queue for Divorce 5 Days After Lunar New Year, Netizens Analyze the Causes

Following the Lunar New Year, mainland China has witnessed a surge in divorces, with 100 couples waiting in line for divorce proceedings, while only 5 couples registered for marriage. Netizens have analyzed the phenomenon and identified a major underlying reason. On February 22, 2024, the first...

Divorce Wave: 100 Couples Wait 5 Days for Divorce After Lunar New Year, Netizens Analyze the Causes

New Year's is traditionally a time for family gatherings and reunions. However, in a surprising turn of events, it appears that this festive period has triggered a surge in divorces for some couples. On the first working day after the New Year, the Anhui Civil Affairs Bureau witnessed over a...

照顧者悲歌|抑鬱婦照顧智障孖仔釀血案 社工促當局提供緊急寄宿

Chinese version only.鑽石山龍蟠苑今早(5日)揭發倫常血案,一名53歲婦人疑照顧一對患自閉症和智障的21歲孖仔,壓力爆煲下持刀向兩子施襲及自殘,三母子及時獲救,但情況嚴重,本身患有抑鬱症的母親被捕。事件再度響起...

照顧者宜自評身心狀態免壓力「爆煲」 8條支援熱線助減壓【附熱線號碼及服務詳情】

Chinese version only.隨着本港人口老化,照顧長者需求日益增加,不少照顧者都承受身心壓力,甚至有壓力「爆煲」風險。衛生署長者健康服務提醒,若照顧者的身體、思想、情緒及人際關係4方面出現以下徵兆,就應多加注意自...


議員倡當局制定短期及長期措施 應對家庭矛盾及贍養費問題

Chinese version only. 選舉委員會界別立法會議員江玉歡、法律界立法會議員林新強和新界東南立法會議員林素蔚聯同香港單親家庭協會、九龍崇德社、香港婦女中心協會及律師代表,與民政及青年事務局局長麥美娟會面,就「...


全職媽媽重返職場做住學 親證中年婦女不脫節 悟出育兒真締

Chinese version only.全職媽媽重返職場做住學 親證中年婦女不脫節 悟出育兒真締 「我好感激兩個女兒出現在我生命中,自從她們出世之後,直情改變了我的人生。」曾經擔任全職媽媽的桂花,有兩個分別11及10歲的女兒。...


精神病患照顧者身心疲憊 有誰共鳴?(Chinese Only)



中港婚姻離異率降 拖欠贍養費仍嚴重

Chinese version only. 【本報訊】本港離婚情況普遍,香港婦女中心協會的「免費律師面見諮詢服務」,過去10年已為2,463名婦女提供服務。該會委託嶺南大學社會學及社會政策系近日分析有關離異個案,發現其特徵有所變化,...


照顧者睡眠質素差 倡設夜間上門支援

Chinese version only.【本報訊】有機構於去年年底至上月進行網上調查,昨日公布結果,發現95%女性受訪照顧者中,約70%受訪照顧者需獨力照顧,不少受訪照顧者睡眠質素欠佳。機構提出多項建議,包括建議政府為照顧者提供...


Chinese version only.身患病痛時,如果影響到生活,需要別人照顧,不論患者或照顧者或許都會有壓力。有調查發現,不少受訪照顧者面對中度及嚴重睡眠問題,約四成人說,每日平均睡眠時間只有3至5小時,約有七成受訪照顧...


中港離婚率疫下跌約三分一 在港出軌及受虐離異數字升 (Chinese Only)



逾4成照顧者日均僅睡3至5小時 機構促提供夜間上門照顧服務

Chinese version only.有機構於去年年底至上月進行網上調查,今日(3日)公布結果,發現95%女性受訪照顧者中,約70%受訪照顧者需獨力照顧,不少受訪照顧者睡眠質素欠佳。機構提出多項建議,包括建議政府為照顧者提供夜間「...


調查指逾四成照顧者只睡3至5小時 協會籲提供晚上上門照顧服務

Chinese version only.有機構於去年年底到上月進行網上調查,發現九成半受訪照顧者為女性,近七成的受訪照顧者需獨力照顧,不少受訪照顧者睡眠質素欠佳。機構又提出多項建議,包括政府為照顧者提供晚上上門照顧服務等。 ...


照顧者睡眠質素欠佳 婦女中心協會倡政府提供晚間上門照顧服務(Chinese Only)


父母壓力爆煲 鎚殺47歲病女 (Chinese version only)

Please refer to Chinese version. (香港文匯報 記者 蕭景源)九龍慈雲山慈樂邨昨日發生倫常兇殺案,一對七旬夫婦疑因長期照顧患病臥床的女兒致身心疲憊,壓力爆煲,昨日凌晨突以鐵鎚襲擊睡夢中的女兒,其後深感愧疚報警...

缺全面政策助照顧者 社福界「單打獨鬥」 (Chinese only)

Please refer to Chinese version. 香港文匯報訊(記者 蕭景源)本港過去一年發生多宗類似疑因長期照顧患病家人致壓力爆煲釀成的倫常慘劇。香港婦女中心協會署理總幹事葉藹樺昨批評政府現時並未有推行全面針對照顧...

七旬夫婦涉錘殺長期患病女 (Chinese only)

Please refer to Chinese version. 稱難再照顧出下策 月內第二宗慘劇  慈雲山慈樂邨昨發生倫常命案,一對七旬夫婦疑因長期照顧患病卧床的女兒致身心疲憊、壓力爆煲,昨日凌晨突以鐵錘襲擊睡夢中的女兒,其後深感愧疚...

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社福團體指滅貧欠KPI 促放寬照顧者津貼申領資格 (Chinese Only)



有一種堅持叫性別公義|馬拉松一般的照顧生涯 (Chinese Only)



有一種堅持叫性別公義|困境中的女性照顧者:沉重的負擔 (Chinese Only)


扶康會倡擴照顧者津貼對象 (Chinese only)

Please refer to Chinese version. 扶康會倡擴照顧者津貼對象 【本報消息】昨日母親節,扶康會感謝終年辛勞的母親,或是替代母職的照顧者。稱近年發展遲緩兒童的服務需要有上升趨勢,期望政府可把“照顧者津...