Counselling and Legal Support

Women often feel helpless in the face of legal issues and marital difficulties. Constrained by traditionalist notions of what is a family, women inevitably are placed in the role of the family caregiver and face the imposition being responsible for maintaining their family and homes. So they may sit voiceless as they tolerate domestic violence and marital problems, not wanting to destroy their family. At the same time, many women lack legal or professional knowledge and do not know where to start when they need help. This is why we provide a range of counseling and legal support services to help women find a way out when faced with family or marital issues.

We target women encountering problms in their marriage, family relationship, parenting, employment, and health, as well as victims of sexual violence and domestiv violence, and single parents.

Women’s Helpline

Free legal advice clinic

Case counselling and group work