You're Not Alone: Cross-sectoral Support Network for Single Mothers in North District

"You're Not Alone" project aim at developing social capital in Sheung Shui community to support single-parent families. We focus on their holistic health by cross-sector collaboration, including various professionals of social welfare, community groups, businesses and health. With the foundation of phase I, we will mobilize the project core volunteers to engage more targeted single-parents to join in the network, aiming at developing community mutual help network, having more community people familiarizing the needs and the ability of single-parent families, thus to promote social inclusion in our community.


Peer volunteer training

(volunteers who with the same background with the single-parents)

We will train up the core volunteers in phase I, equip them with communication skills and engagement skills. With professional training, they will serve in different "gathering points", i.e. "Carer Café" to encourage people joining our network through sharing of their same experiences.


Networking programme with the theme of enhancing holistic health

We aim at bonding up single-parents to build up their mutual help network through joining these programmes.


"Walk with you" volunteer training

We will recruit community people to be the volunteer of the project. Through the training, volunteers will understand the need for single-parents and their situation. Volunteers will be matched up with these families, building up continued friendship relation to support their needs.


"Parenting wisdom exchange platform" and "Talent sharing workshop"

These platforms set to provide the chance for single-parents to show their wisdom and talents, and also to share with community people. We believe single-parents not just be the service recipients but also have their ability to serve back the community.


Cross professional steering committee

With different professionals and community stakeholders working closely together in the project, we will join together to set up a steering committee for driving the development of the project. The committee meeting will be held regularly twice a year, to update the development progress of the project, to seek advice from committee members in addressing community problems and so to plan forward the development direction. The formation of the steering community is crucial for the sustainable development of social capital in the community.


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