Make A Difference: Building a Sustainable Cross-sectoral Carers' Support Network

We launched our three-year project Make A Difference: Building a Sustainable Cross-sectoral Carers' Support Network from July 2012 with support from the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund.


The core focus of the project was helping caregivers look after their own needs. It offered seminars, volunteer activities, and support groups to broaden their support network and alleviate the pressure on them. At the same time, the project aimed to increase attention paid in the community to the needs of our caregivers.We are pleased to have received a second round of funding for Phase II of the project, running September 2015 to September 2018. Building upon the success of Phase I, Phase II will see us expand the support network for caregivers in Tai Po. We also aim to introduce even more professional bodies across a number of sectors to build most robust social capital for caregivers in the region.This programme is supported by the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund.


Carers Advisory Committee

We have invited caregivers representatives along with stakeholders from the local organisations, social welfare agencies, pan-regional groups, and the local community to participate in cross-sectoral advisory committee on carers. The committee meets regularly and we envisage that it will develop a sustainable social support network for caregivers.


Angels of Loving Compassion

Our Angels of Loving Compassion are a critical volunteer force to maintain our community networks. The angels actively seek out caregivers in the community and give them care and support. They also serve as senior volunteers who impart their skills onto new volunteers. The angels train our incoming volunteer force with skills such as giving haircuts, maintaining haircut supplies, skills that can help improve caregivers' lives.


Body, Mind, Spirit Training for Holistic Wellbeing

Make A Difference has been working with the United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service to introduce a holistic wellbeing mentality to caregivers using positive psychology and traditional Chinese medicine. Lots of caregivers have participated in our joint activities covering a range of topics, including nutrition and ways to relieve stress. Participants found mutual encouragement through the activities and continue to care for their own physical and mental well-being.


This project ended


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Events & Programmes


Poverty Summit

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International Women's Day: Women Election Forum

Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres, in association with Gender Reasearch Centre of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Women's Coalition on Equal Opportunities, is going to hold a women's forum on Legislative Council by-election on 8 March, 2018 in LT2, Yasumoto International...


Volunteer Recognition Ceremony 2016/17

The HKFWC walk arm-in-arm with our volunteers. We are grateful to the tireless work put in by all our volunteers over the past year as they brought our ideals to life and helped us reach more women and families in need. Our volunteers form the foundation for all we do, and teach us that gender...


Mother's Day Campaign 2017

One week before Mother's Day in 2017, the HKFWC has held a kite flying campaign with over 45 families (100 participants) in the Clear Water Bay Country Park. The aim is to bring out that women want to use their time with more freedom, have more liberty in the division of labor in the family, and...


Striding Forward Walkathon 2016

Striding Forward Walkathon is our signature event. This year's Walkathon themed Choice Makes Autonomy, called for women to take the first step in breaking through gender barriers. Together, we can build a society inclusive of female perspectives. This year's striding Forward Walkathon on 16 October...