Building up Women Caregivers' Mutual Support Network in Wah Ming Estate

Services to support women are lacking in the North District. As a result, many caregivers in the region find themselves under tremendous pressure with few ways to let it out. To address these issues we launched the Wah Ming Caregivers Support Network, our first caregivers project in North District, thanks to the generous support of the Fu Tak Iam Foundation.The network holds events to raise caregivers' interests and dive into what can be a hidden caregivers community. It aims to arouse caregivers and encourage them to look at their psychological wellbeing. At the same time, it encourages caregivers to form their own support groups in their local community and a network of sisters in arms so they can raise the social capital needed to support their fellow caregivers.


Networking Activities

Our caregiver networking events are tailored to the needs of caregivers, such as how to deal with vexing disciplinary issues in childcare. We invite caregivers to join in our talks and sharing sessions, so they can relieve the stresses of the job and discuss child rearing with fellow caregivers.


We also recognise that many caregivers may have little opportunity for recreation or to relax on their own. A number of the scheduled events are therefore designed to be outdoor events so the caregivers can have the chance to relax in an open setting while they relieve the pressures of the job.


Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness Day

The HKFWC holds four quarterly Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness Days each year at a number of housing estates in Fanling as a way to support caregivers in the community who are experiencing psychological distress.


We show the relation between physical and mental health by offering stress tests and blood pressure tests to members of the community, so they can understand how their psychological state affects their health and have a better appreciation of the importance of staying healthy in mind, body, and spirit.


The project ended in December 2020


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Events & Programmes

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Volunteer Recognition Ceremony 2016/17

The HKFWC walk arm-in-arm with our volunteers. We are grateful to the tireless work put in by all our volunteers over the past year as they brought our ideals to life and helped us reach more women and families in need. Our volunteers form the foundation for all we do, and teach us that gender...