Women Re-employment Scheme

One of our core beliefs is that every woman has both potential and value. This is why we advocate social diversity so that women too can have the opportunity to be all they can be - women, too, can uphold the sky. Apart from advocacy, we offer a range of training courses that are flexible for women's schedules, empowering women to outfit themselves with skills and pursing their interests - even empower them into a career and gaining their economic autonomy - while also caring for their families. Since 1998, the HKFWC has offered the Talent Development Programme, a series of courses oriented toward underprivileged women supported by funding from the Employees Retraining Board. For many years countless women have sought to develop their potential and interest through study our courses.


Foundation Certificate in Festive Dim Sum Preparation (Part-time)


FC082HS / FC082ES


Skills Upgrading Scheme Plus Courses




20 Jul, 2021

End Date

11 Aug, 2021


19:00 To 22:00


Tai Wo
Jockey Club Tai Wo Centre|102-107, G/F, Fook Wo House, Tai Wo Estate, Tai Po, N.T.


Part time


Jockey Club Tai Wo Centre :2654 6066


  • Seasonal dim sum originates from the origin of Chinese food culture
  • Seasonal dim sum food demonstration and practice, including: steamed rice cakes, moon cakes, rice cakes, bacon rice cakes and sweet rice cakes
  • Food preservation and extended storage methods
  • Knowledge and handling of raw materials
  • Basic warming method
  • Basic Seasoning Methods

Entrance Requirements

Half-year working experience in the catering industry