Counselling & Case Works

We provide individual case counselling and group support services from the perspective of women, for women who are faced with marital problems, abuse, or emotional stress.


We help counselees examine their issues in individual meetings and group activities so they can gain a better understanding of who they are and explore their personal strengths. We also assist women in need with assessing their situations and helping them learn of new resources available to them. These in turn raise their ability to face adversity and contribute to their physical and mental health. We also refer counselees to other social service agencies should the need arise. We also organised support groups for women experiencing marital problems, women experiencing psychological problems, and carers. The groups provided various means of support – by learning music, exploring one's self, and providing a "filling station for the soul". Women can relieve their distress and establish close bonds, while also advising their peers and sharing community resources. With the group's focus on empowerment and self-reliance, women are able to improve their difficult circumstances.


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Events & Programmes

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Failed women? Sharing session of divorced women

Marriage is perceived as the final destination of women, and divorce is the end of happiness. Are women from different generations facing different challenges during a divorce? How do they understand marriage after divorce? Our Director, Ms Si-si Liu and service users will share their work and...

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The Colour of Divorcees' Lives|Art Exhibition of Divorcees

Thank you for your participation in our exhibition called "The Color of Divorcees' Lives" on the 1st and 2nd June at the Nido Asia Art Gallery in Sheung Wan. The event included the Human Library Hong Kong hosted by Mr Pong Yat Ming and the theatre workshop led by experienced applied drama...

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International Women's Day: Women Election Forum

Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres, in association with Gender Reasearch Centre of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Women's Coalition on Equal Opportunities, is going to hold a women's forum on Legislative Council by-election on 8 March, 2018 in LT2, Yasumoto International...


Legal Seminar of Parental Responsibility Model

The concept of "parental responsibility" focuses on the sustainable responsibilities divorced parents have for raising their children, but there are not enough support policies and gender perspectives. Although we agree in principle, in light of the uniqueness and complexity of divorced families,...


Press Conference of Women's Helpline Service and Domestic Violence Case Study

Over the past five years, our women's helpline has received 11,016 calls (excluding old cases, proxy cases, and cases from repeat callers), of which 913 calls involve domestic violence. Victims were trending younger, the majority of which was housewives. Besides, between March 2016 and March...


Roundtable on the Maintenance

We conducted a survey on alimony from July to October 2016; 185 divorced women responded to the survey. The survey found that more than 60% of respondents found it difficult to collect alimony payments, generally due to the payments being in arrears. More than four-tenths of respondents (86%)...


Women's Forum 2016

The HKFWC collects feedback on government policies and appeals for change from hundreds of our members to form our platform. Policies receiving the most interest from our members include the universal non-means-tested retirement protection plan; planning childcare services, the development of...

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Roundtable on the Proposed Legislation on the Parental Responsbility Model

In November 2015, the Labour and Welfare Bureau held a public consultation on the proposed legislation with respect to custody and alimony and on proposals set out in the Law Reform Commission's Report on Child Custody and Access Report. The legislation sets out a joint parental responsibility...