Handcraft Workshops

We gather and train women so that they can have space to realize their potentials and creativity, turning garbage in everyday life into valuable items. It can lengthen their life and contribute to the sustainable development of our planet. The women in our center also actively learn and develop different types of new products, conduct various outreach workshops at schools, charitable organizations and companies, teach different communities to make products, to promote sustainable development and green lifestyle.


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Cherish Food|Beeswax Cloth Workshop

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Cherish Food|Aromatherapy Roller Ball Workshop

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Cherish Food|Calendula Cream Workshop

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Cherish Food|Food Reuse Soap Workshop

Turn food waste such as germinated potatoes, lemon zest, and coffee grounds into soap. They are effective in removing oil, dirt, and smell from your home.


Cherish Food|Food Soap Workshop

Complementing different plants can bring about different effects. Make skin-friendly soap that best suits your skin condition, with various options available.


Cherish Food|Handmade Fruit Tapioca Ball Workshop

Very often, over-ripen fruits are thrown away due to their bad textures. However, they are actually still very sweet. We can make delicious tapioca balls with them!


Cherish Food|Handmade Jam Workshop

Very often, over-ripen fruits are thrown away due to their bad textures. However, you can actually create your unique jam flavor with these fruits.

Kombucha Workshop

Cherish Food|Kombucha Workshop

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage inoculated with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (or SCOBY), which feeds off the sugar and tannins found in most teas. This kind of tea consists of...


Cherish Food| Washing Powder Workshop

Broken soap can also be recycled into useful washing powder!

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sis works|Eco-enzyme Cleaners Workshop

What to do with the piles of fruit skins at home? How harmful is chemical detergent to our body? Learn to make a green, chemical-free enzyme detergent now! It is a great way to live a green...


sis works|Natural Laundry and Stain Remover Soap Workshop

Use domestic waste oil to make a green soap, which reduce pollution and save money. The soap has high detersive power and can easily remove the obstinate dirt in your kitchen and toilet.


Glass Painting Workshop

Wine bottles, sauce bottles are beautiful and durable glass containers. In additions to recycling, you can even turn them into art pieces!


Honey Lip Balm Workshop

Beeswax is an essential component in many lip balms. High in vitamin A, it can foster cell growth, soften and moisten skins. Its soothing effects make it most suitable for dry or even damaged lips....

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sis works|Handmade Soap Workshop

Most cosmetic and skincare products in the market are detrimental to both our bodies and the mother nature. Treat your skin better and use skincare soaps that are made with natural materials.

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sis works|Alkanet Balm Workshop

Alkanet balms was an ancient prescription that first appeared in the Ming Dynasty. Now it is very popular in Japan and Taiwan. Made with natural components, the prescription has a wide array of...


Anti-mosquito Cream Workshop

With the weather getting warmer, it is hard to avoid mosquito stings no matter indoors or outdoors. Although there are a lot of mosquito-repelling products in the market, many of which contain...

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sis works|Shouwu Shampoo Workshop

What damages does chemical shampoo cause to our hair? How about making a green shampoo by yourself? It can reduce your chance of coming in contact with chemicals, and help you practice a green...


Natural Dyeing Workshop

By way of tapping or roll-embossing, you can use tie-dyeing to create colors and patterns of different plants on your cloth bags.

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sis works|Herbal Anti-mosquito Workshop

Plagued by mosquitoes at home? Even in outdoors? Our DIY Chinese medicine mosquito-repelling packs can help you!

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sis works|Second-hand Clothing Workshop

DIY your product with second-hand clothing

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sis works|Hand-cream Workshop

Think twice before throwing away damaged clothes. Have you ever thought that through appropriate tailoring, old clothes can become fashionable new items? Our fabric workshop allows you to tailor...

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sis works|Perfume Workshop

There are a lot of different options when it comes to toner. But what are they made with? Are they made with natural essences or chemical substances?